“I have worked with Belman Homes for the last 5 years. Their customer service is excellent, I have never met an unhappy customer. They build a quality homes at an affordable price. I would recommend Belman Homes over and over again :)”

Kristy T.

“From the beginning, with a lot selection Belman Homes was extremely patient and helpful and went above and beyond to secure the lot I ended up buying (not within established subdivision along with several other critical things I needed). This hunt was not easy. They continued to provide me with great support as I went through the building contract/selection. All the while providing me details and advice that allowed me to do my own research and make good decisions. Since my salesperson was a also a licensed real estate agent, he also showed me several existing homes that were on the market. I never felt pressured to build in a Belman subdivision, or for that matter with Belman homes, which was very important to me (I don’t like pushy sales people). On one of the few occasions that I had a meeting at the Belman office, I had the pleasure of meeting Don as well as his wife as well. Belman Homes is a very nice, family run business who seem to genuinely care about their customers wants & needs. David Belman continues to put up with all my inquiries about possible selection changes. For me, if I don’t feel like I’ve explored every option, then I wonder if I’m making the right decision. So being fully educated and aware is important to me so I have few regrets in the end. I’ve lost very little sleep and feel empowered and educated with each decision (even if I don’t end up with the high end product, I know I’ve explored it:). So, the team at BelmanHomes have been true assets to me along the way. They apparently must have a clause in their hiring practices to only hire and work with nice people, which has made the building process for me thus far truly enjoyable. From Linda, the office manager to Jeff, the construction manager, to Nicole the Interior Design coach and even to their contacts at their contracted stores (Mark at Drexel) everyone is very nice and honest. Mark at Drexel provided me samples within 12 hours of them being requested. And then after hearing my personal circumstances, provided me some information/advice that basically had me reducing flooring selection (talked me out of his product), which is a true testimony of honesty and doing what’s best for the customer!! And, I cannot forget to mention one of my favorite Belman contacts, Chase the furry office greeter, whom I adore. I’m a true dog lover. This may sound trivial, but typically if you are a dog lover you tend to trust other dog lovers. So, including their dog(s) on their website (which at the time was Casey) meant a lot to me. I cannot say enough about this company. I am about 1/2 through the building process and as a single mom, many people thought I was getting in over my head.  I feel I have all the support, guidance, and help I need. Besides all the positive relationships that I’ve experienced along the way, the quality of their homes is top notch. Another good indicator of the company Belman represents is that their contractors that me/my family have spoken to, have always had positive things to say about Belman as a builder. I trust Belman Homes completely and would highly recommend them as a Builder.”

Sherri H.

“After talking to nearly all the builders in the area, I really couldn’t see a difference in them. They were all telling me they would beat any other builders price, and all told me that they have the best quality as well. It was funny, but none of them asked me any questions. So I really didn’t know where to go. Then I talked to Belman Homes. I couldn’t believe that they were so different from the other builders. Not only did they ask me a ton of questions about my current needs and wants, but they also asked me even more questions about my FUTURE needs. It was an absolute pleasure not just working with the sales people, but from the office manager to the expeditors, the experience they create is just incredible. If you are looking to build a home, I STRONGLY recommend you talk to the people at Belman Homes…you won’t be sorry.”

Christopher P.

“We are currently building our third Belman Home and couldn’t be happier with our experience! The quality of each Belman Home is well above industry standards. The attention to detail in the building process and the home itself is the main reason we keep coming back to Belman Homes. The staff and contractors are first rate; giving your home the attention they would if they were building it for themselves! Unlike other custom builders, Belman Homes builds custom homes without an over-inflated price tag; they have the building process down to a science. Many of the upgrades you see in other builders is already in their standard models. They are picky about their contractors and hold them to a high level of expectation….as they are all representing the Belman Homes name. We love our Belman Home!”

Tony & Renee

“My name is Matt Heaton and I have provided Belman Homes with almost 100% of their architectural design needs and construction plans for the past 21 years. I have enjoyed my relationship with all the members of the Belman family and their staff they provide a quality home at a reasonable price. I enjoy working with them so much that they built my home in 2004 and my wife and I are still very happy with it. We do however look forward to going thru the building experience again in hopefully the near future and would only consider Belman Homes as the builder.”

Matt Heaton

We looked at a lot of builders spec homes and we were so pleased with the quality of Belman over them. Jim did an amazing job with the walk-through and making sure all our concerns were addressed. Best walk-though we’ve ever had. Super informative on how to properly use and maintain the house.

Justin & Ashley

Hi Jim, I just wanted to offer my thanks on behalf of Joe and myself for your work in being on top of all the items that we discussed yesterday. Clearly, you have it very organized, and we are very appreciative. Having built a home before, we certainly didn’t expect everything to be perfect, and we are appreciative of your efforts to solve any problems that have come up along the way.  As I also mentioned, we are just amazed at how fantastic all the subs have been. They are hard workers and have been wonderful to work with throughout the process. Thanks again, Rae Ellen & Joe”

Project Manager