Condo Benefits

In addition to all the great features of Woodland Hills and the craftsmanship of Belman Homes condominiums there are many great reasons to owning a Woodland Hills condo.

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  • Shared amenities – Woodland Hills features nature ponds, walking trails, gazebos, a 2 acre park, and more!
  • No winter maintenance – You don’t have to snow plow, shovel, or salt your driveway in the winter. It’s all taken care of!
  • No summer maintenance – No more cutting your grass, raking leaves, or pruning of bushes and trees.
  • Exterior work covered by condominium association – If you don’t like cleaning gutters, painting your exterior, or other exterior work, condos might just be for you.
  • You need less stuff – You can ditch all the yard tools, mowers, etc. So although you have less space, you also don’t need as much stuff that fills your space.
  • Economies of scale – Condominiums are typically higher density and have shared walls so they are more cost effective to build.
  • Leave and don’t worry – One of the best parts of owning a condo is that you can leave and not worry since the exterior maintenance is included and your neighbor can check in on your home.
  • Ownership vs. renting – Owning a condo allows you to build equity vs. renting so you have an investment to build upon.
  • More free time – Think of all the time you can save by not shoveling, cutting the grass and all the other exterior work. What could you do instead?
  • Strong sense of community – Most condominiums have community events, games, and other social aspects that the residents enjoy.
  • Consistency – Woodland Hills condos are planned out in advance so there is a consistent feel from the entrance monuments, bridges, street markers, lamp posts and buildings.
  • Strong re-sale – The largest segment of the population is the baby boomers and condos appeal to that lifestyle and quality condos are in high demand.
  • Right of Rescission – All condos include a 5 day Right of Rescission after you agree to terms to allow you to review all the documents.