Green Building


What is Green Building?

We`re proud to be part of the green home building movement! We understand that the word “Green” probably means something different to everybody. There are lots of principals behind the green movement. Some of the different areas that help make up green building are:

  • Lot Design, Preparation & Site Layout
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Usage
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Operation & Homeowner Education
  • Global & Environmental Impact


 Why should I build Green?

There are many good reasons!  The first is protecting the environment.  Some of the most pressing environmental issues  are our ever-increasing global population, dwindling fresh water supply and decreasing air quality.  Another reason for building green is that it can help you save money as well.  With rising cost of utilities, consumers are more concerned than ever about products that will keep utility bills in line.  Building green can improve your home’s air quality, which in turn can have a long-term effect on your heath.

If you are interested in adding and certifying your new home as a “Green Built” home, we are glad to include the services and guide you through the process.



Green Building Certification Programs:


Green Built Home

Wisconsin Green Built Home

Wisconsin Green Built Home is a local verification program out of Madison that has published guidelines and requires independent or third party verification of Green Building techniques.  Belman Homes recently checked our George Ross model at 2220 Deer Path in Waukesha with the Green Built Home checklist and verifier. 60 Points is the minimum requirement for GBH designation. Our home scored a 108 without any significant modifications. If you are interested in more information about building Green Built Home or NAHB certified Green home please contact your salesperson for more information. We will gladly certify any of our homes or condominiums for you. We will continue to explore and investigate other Energy Efficient and Green Building techniques throughout the industry to keep you educated on your options.


National Association of Home Builders

The NAHB or National Association of Home Builders is now offering a nationally recognized Green Building Program.  It is much more stringent than the Wisconsin program and also relies on 3rd party inspections of standards or approved ANSI guidelines. It is more universal and carries more weight and recognition nationally.  Belman Homes recently completed our first NAHB Green Building model certification at 2118 Deer Path as it’s first NAHB National Green home. The program features Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Emerald levels that can be obtained by reaching a certain level of scores in each category.



Belman at the Forefront of Green Building

Belman Homes is a leader in Green Building in Wisconsin. We installed one of the first Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems and were one of the first builders in Wisconsin to certify a home with the NAHB Green Building Program in Waukesha, WI. David Belman chaired the MBA Green Building Council, which educated builders on green building techniques. Belman Homes offers a wide array of energy efficiency options and builds all our homes to the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Standards. We will gladly incorporate any green technologies into your new home such as solar hot water, geothermal, spray foam insulation, air sealing, as well as sustainable products. Please let us know what you are passionate about and we will gladly help integrate green building into your new home.




Green Building also means Healthy Living

These days, your health is one of your most important concerns. Did you know that the products you choose to put in your new home can greatly affect your health? At Belman Homes, we try to consciously choose products that enhance the duration, aesthetic value, and livability of your home. If you have any specific health concerns, please feel free to mention them to us so we can suggest healthy alternatives for you. We know of many products that will help provide better air quality, water quality, and safer conditions for you and your family.