Custom Home Builder Serving Pewaukee, Waukesha, and Milwaukee

We get it. Some people call you particular, detail oriented, when it comes to a custom home we just like to think you really know what you want! We fully understand that not every standard plan fits every family, especially these days with multi generational living and cultural differences shaping home buying. It could be as simple as your needs outweigh anything you can find on a standard plan.


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Or perhaps, you just want to be an individual and you want your custom home to be a one of a kind, a true reflection of yourself. We get it!


If one of our many designs does not make the grade for you, no worries, let Belman Homes build you a custom home in Milwaukee or Waukesha on your lot our ours.



At Belman Homes we handle our custom home buyers a little different. You can work with our architect or your own to make your dream design.





If you use our architect, great, we’ll guide you through the design process. Once you have plans that you are totally happy with, we carefully go through the process step by step with you before we give you any numbers. You see, we want to make absolutely sure you fully understand your home and what is all included in it before we price it out, so there are no guessing games here. Once we have quoted you the numbers, that is it. We don’t like surprises, and I am sure you don’t either. Our home pricing is guaranteed once you agree. By knowing everything up front, you will not be hit surprises or extras because we figure it all out upfront.


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You can also be totally involved throughout the process and visit all our suppliers, or you can utilize our selection center, we’ll be there step by step for you. You see, we’ve built everything from lake homes, to in-law suites, indoor pools, elevators, or whatever you can imagine.


Let us put our 30 plus years of expertise to work. So why don’t you give Milwaukee Custom Home builder, Belman Homes, a call so we can put your dream home on paper!


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