Top Dawg

At Belman Homes we do things a little differently from other Milwaukee home builders. One thing that really sets us apart is our friendly team. How do we get such great people? Well, we probably can’t share that, but we do things differently and we reward our team for going above and beyond each month. Every month we get together, learn from each other and spend a bit of time bonding. At the end of the session we reward one member the coveted “Top Dawg” award. This traveling award is carefully selected by their peers and given out to the person who either went the extra mile or best displayed Belman Home’s unique vision of “Creating the ultimate building experience, one customer at a time”.


We have been doing unique things like this for nearly two years now and while other builders have tried copying our vision statement; you can write it down but it is pretty obvious if you don’t live and breathe it every day like we do. Others have copied our award process, and while imitation is the greatest form of flattery, a copy is never as good as the original. We are leaders in the housing industry because of who we are and why we do things, and in the end if others follow us, at least we are helping better the building industry.


Here are our “Top Dawgs” at Belman Homes!

June 2017










Congratulations to Jeff for being the “Top Dawg” in June! He did a phenomenal job completing our Operation Finally Home house for the Olson family! 


May 2017

Congratulations to Nicole B. for bring our “Top Dawg” in May! She’s been working hard to reach her goals and has signed a few building contracts – keep up the great work!


April 2017

Linda was our “Top Dawg” in April! She proudly wears many hats in our company and is always there for you when you need a helping hand. We couldn’t do it without her! 


March 2017

Congratulations to Melissa for being our “Top Dawg” in March! She is always working hard with a positive attitude which brightens the mood in our office. On top of that, she found our Tuscany model a happy home owner 🙂


February 2017

Congratulations to Nicole for being our “Top Dawg” in February! She completed the design of our NEW Design Center and it looks amazing! If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet we encourage you to stop in, Mon-Fri from 8-4 p.m.


January 2017

Abby & Jim were our “Top Dawgs” in January! Abby worked hard getting our booth ready during the MBA Home Building & Remodeling Show and Jim has been working really hard to get our new design center finished and ready for 2017. 


December 2016

Congratulations to Abby for being our “Top Dawg” in December! She was voted for her hard work and willingness to help when needed. Always with a smile on too!


November 2016


Congratulations to Jeff for being our “Top Dawg” in November! Jeff is a very hard worker and will make sure the job is done perfect each and every time. 


October 2016


Congratulations to another one of our newest New Home Consultants, Kimberley, along with Gary, one of our project managers, for being our “Top Dawgs” in October! Kimberley sold her first lot/build package in our Rolling Oaks II development and Gary is always going the extra mile to get the job done! 


September 2016 


Congratulations to one of our newest New Home Consultants, Paul, for being our “Top Dawg” in September! He sold his first lot/build package in our Rolling Oaks II development. Keep up the great work, Paul!


August 2016


Congratulations to our interior designer, Nicole, who was our “Top Dawg” in August! She always does a great job designing our models and when it comes to our MBA Parade of Homes models, she loves to showcase the best of the best! Great job on our Augustine model this year!!


July 2016


Abby, Jim, and Nicole M. were our “Top Dawgs” in July! Nicole sold two lots and two building contracts, Jim has been working really hard on getting our parade model finished (this is one you won’t want to miss), and Abby is always willing to go the extra mile to get things done!


June 2016


She’s done it again everyone! Congratulations to Linda for being our “Top Dawg” in June – she`s a great team player, wearing many hats in the company (administrative associate, closing coordinator, go-to IT person, spider-killer) and always willing to try on a new one!


May 2016


Congratulations to Aleta for being the “Top Dawg” in May! She’s been working hard keeping all of our models sparkling clean so you can walk through them and really take in the quality and craftsmanship of our homes.


April 2016


Nicole A. has been working hard on planning our 2016 Parade of Homes model – the Augustine. You`re going to want to see what she’s put together! Nicole M. is the newest member to the Belman team and had a great first open house! Congrats to these two “Top Dawgs”!


March 2016


Congratulations to Sherri for being our “Top Dawg” in March. She had an amazing month selling 4 condo`s – keep up the great work!!


February 2016


FOUR “Top Dawgs”! This is a first. Congratulations to Jeff, Aleta, Sarah & Linda for being the “Top Dawgs” in February.


January 2016


Sarah is always willing to go the extra mile for a customer & Abby did a great job getting us ready for the Home Building & Remodeling Show. Congrats to these two for being the “Top Dawgs” in January!


December 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.02.54 AM

It`s no surprise to see Linda & David holding the “Top Dawg” award! These two are always giving 110% to get the job done.


November 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.02.38 AM

Jeff is always going above and beyond to get things done around here, keep up the great work and congratulations on being Novembers “Top Dawg”!


October 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.04.08 AM

Congrats to Linda and Jeff for being Octobers “Top Dawgs”! They are both very deserving of this award and we can’t thank them enough for all that they do at Belman Homes, and the programs we`re involved with (right now being Operation Finally Home).


August 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.31.13 AM

Congrats to this months “Top Dawg”, Nicole! She did a great job designing our 2015 Parade Model and also helped make sure our Brew Bar in the model was fully stocked for our Customer Appreciation Party.


July 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.08.55 AM

Congrats to Gary Herkert for being July`s “Top Dawg” winner! He not only completed our Parade Model well ahead of schedule, he set up and helped raise $12,563.73 for Operation Finally Home with two Firefighter drives.


June 2015


Jim was “Top Dawg” this month for receiving two top notch reviews from clients. He is truly part of our A-Team!


April 2015


Congrats to Aleta for always doing more than is asked and expected!


March 2015


Linda is our March “Top Dawg” once again!


February 2015


Aleta is the Queen of Clean and wins our “Top Dawg” award for always helping out!


November 2014


Jeff did it again! Two months in a row, he is now giving Linda a run for her money.



October 2014


Jeff is our October “Top Dawg” for helping out others in the office with all sorts of random things that came up this month. He was routinely asked to do all sorts of things in the office outside his normal duties and he stepped to the plate! Thanks Jeff!


September 2014


Jim is our newest members but he catches on fast. Jim has been awarded the “Top Dawg” for his friendly attitude, good reviews from our customers, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get something completed!


August 2014


Bill has won the “Top Dawg” a few times, described as our rock, he always helps others in the office and is a pleasure to have around.


July 2014


Jeff did another fantastic job on our 2014 MBA Parade of Homes model the Langely under very tough circumstances. Dealing with an earlier deadline, 5′ of frost and a month of road bans, Jeff found a way to get it done.


June 2014


This is now her 5th top Dawg award, Linda clearly “gets it” and we are so very grateful to have her in our office. Wether it’s listening to an issue or going above and beyond, Linda always comes through for Belman Homes and our customers.


May 2014

tdawg-Linda Don

Don Belman & Linda – Ending in a tie we decided to have “Co-Top Dawgs” (a first in the company). Don has returned from his long winter away and helped forge away with our condominium project while Linda has helped our growing team get acclimated to the office.


April 2014


Aleta is always going the extra mile keeping our models super clean. She also has a nose for the job too. She has sniffed out two gas meter leaks and notified us immediately so we could prevent a major problem from occurring. Way to go!


March 2014


Linda is our go-to person at the office and at our 2014 staff appreciation party, Linda was chosen again for the “Top Dawg” award.


February 2014


Bill won the “Top Dawg” for filling in while others were gone and making sure we didn’t miss a beat.


January 2014


Aleta is our “best kept secret” she does a great job cleaning our homes and taking care of the little things. When we moved a model recently she saw a bunch of pictures sitting on the floor and took it upon herself to hang them saving our expediter several hours and an extra trip.


December 2013


David Belman was voted “Top Dawg” for putting a plan together and getting the team to reach and exceed all of their goals for 2013. It was a great year and his leadership was well appreciated.


November 2013


Linda is becoming no stranger to this award. Keeping happy customers and taking care of things without even being asked is not unusual for Linda. In fact, it is a regular occurrence at Belman Homes.


October 2013


Bill won the award for going above and beyond helping a client resolve some issues before closing and assiting the team with projects.



September 2013


Don Belman won the “Top Dawg” at Belman Homes because well, he is the Top Dawg around here.


August 2013


Linda won the “Top Dawg” for August by helping greet during the Parade of Homes and doing a great job of it too!



July 2013


David Belman won the “Top Dawg” for installing a winning team and culture at Belman Homes and setting a bold new direction for the company.


June 2013


Jeff has been managing projects for Belman Homes for nearly 12 years and has been the head expediter picking up all customer jobs and making sure everything gets done on time.


May 2013


Bill won the “Top Dawg” for being helpful to the new staff as well as celebrating nearly 20 years with Belman Homes!


April 2013


The very first winner of our new “Top Dawg” award is Linda for always being the friendly face and willing to go above and beyond for everyone.