Porch To Patio Protection



Introducing a Belman Homes exclusive, the Porch to Patio Protection® program. Now available on all Belman Homes purchased after 1/1/2013. This program provides additional protection, service, and convenience to owners of our homes and most importantly; Peace of Mind. This is our strong guarantee to you that we will be there for you long after you settle into your home. Innovative, industry leading and only from Waukesha Builder, Belman Homes.


Imagine not having to worry about missing your maintenance on your home…”

The peace of mind of a 10-year structural backing.”

Wouldn’t you want somebody who knows your home looking out for you?”

Honey, weren’t we supposed to do something with our furnace and air conditioner? That’s right…it’s time for a tune up and my builder’s doing it free of charge – that’s terrific!”

It’s your builder calling, can you believe it’s been 10 years since you moved in? We are stopping by again to see how everything is looking. We just want to make sure everything is working properly.”

Your home looks great! We just noticed a few small things that you can do to keep it preforming at it’s best, here’s the report.”

Hello, it’s your builder, I’m calling to set up your complimentary multi point inspection.”

Sometimes things happen, I’m sure glad they gave us that extra mechanical protection.”

It’s your builder again, remember to get a hold of your painter and get them out this summer to keep your extended warranty on your siding.”

Wow, I’m really glad you caught that. It could of cost us a fortune if we didn’t take care of it now.”

It’s our HOME, I’m sure glad I went with a builder like Belman who really cares about us.”   


See New Home Consultant for more details.


Program valid on New Belman Homes, with a contract date of 1/1/2013 or after unless specificly excluded in writing. All homes including model homes completed prior to 1/1/2013 are also exempt from the program. Program is valid to original purchaser and is non-transferrable. Excludes condominiums.

Porch to Patio Protection ® is a registered trademark of Belman Homes, Inc. All rights reserved. Please do not copy, re-publish, or post with out prior written consent of Belman Homcs, Inc.