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How to Prepare your Home for the Market

So, lets say you just came back from touring new homes and you have decided “I want a new home”. While visiting that home you were feeling all warm and fuzzy, you sat in the family room and saw where all your furniture would go and how you would live in each room. Right? Now the home you live in needs to be put up for sale and you are at a loss of what to do to get the home ready for showings. Part of why you liked the homes you just toured is because everything had a specific place, it was all neat and tidy. The colors were neutral, soothing and updated. Everything was maintained and clean. 

Now let`s walk through a few things that you can do to make your home more appealing for the market: 

Tip #1 – De-clutter 

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Get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore. It`s quite easy to understand that doing this will make the home more appealing to the eye during a showing. What about those un-planned showings that come up…it will be a lot easier to quickly clean and get ready for it if you`re not having to de-clutter as you go each time. So take a look at the following in your home: 

  • Old Exercise Equipment & Furniture
  • Kids Toys (Home, Garage and Yard)
  • Bedrooms & Coat/Storage Closets 
  • Bookshelves, Storage Units & Tables
  • Make the Home Easy to Navigate

Tip #2 – Clean/Replace Carpets

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Have the carpets cleaned by a professional. Don’t think you need it? You`ll be amazed! Do you have pets? Have they “marked their area”…? In some cases the carpets may even need to be replaced. 

Tip #3 – Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew

Sure, doing a few sweeps of the broom and swipes of 409 can make a big difference. But those people walking through your home, thinking about purchasing it, are looking in every little nick and cranny. Have a professional cleaning crew do a deep cleaning throughout the home – you`ll be surprised with the areas that sparkle and shine that haven’t in awhile! Once they do that, then going back over everything with the broom and 409 may be enough, or have the crew come back every other week to keep it in pristine shape! 

Tip #4 – Fix Broken/Worn Items

Fix everything you`re aware of that the potential new home owners would point out during a showing! When looking over the interior and exterior areas of your home, look for any missing pieces/parts to the home and make the effort to replace them; windows, doors, base boards, faucets, shutters, garage doors, lose roof shingles, etc.

Tip #5 – Fresh Paint & Touch Ups

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Take a good look at the walls, base boards and cabinets in the home. Make any necessary touch ups to any scratches and/or chips. When repainting a room or whole wall, make colors neutral and fresh. The new homeowner with 2 sons may not be too keen on the pink and purple bedrooms…they will consider the cost of having to re-paint those rooms and that may be enough for them to say “No” to your home and “Yes” to a different one they`re considering.

Tip #6 – Fresh Linen & Smells 

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A couple of last things to think about are fresh linens and even coverings for furniture. Make the home flow together with colors and furniture patterns. Having new, clean, white towels in the bathroom gives the bathroom that clean feel and look. Ever walk into a bakery and immediately smell that amazing fresh loaf of baked bread or apple pie? Baking cookies, using candles, or using a diffuser with scented essential oils will provide that homey smell.

 Tip #7 – The Yard

Last but not least, curb appeal is so critical! Have fresh potted flowers, trimmed foliage, and a manicured lawn at all times (of course if it is winter some of these items may not be applicable). If winter is the time that your home goes on the market, keep the sidewalks and driveway cleared and as neat as possible. You never know when a potential buyer will drive by! Sadly, a lot of people still “judge a book by its cover” … those people will also judge your home on the curb appeal. 

Tip #8 – The Realtor

So, now you have the home ready to go! But wait, you have to find someone to list it! Well you      are in luck, did you know that we`re a top real estate agent in Waukesha and can help you with listing and selling your home at a reduced fee? Find out some more about this!

Are you ready to get your home on the market? Lots to do, but it will pay off! We would love to help you out, just give us a call! 

Thanks for reading! This blog was written by one of our New Home Consultants, Melissa Peters. Connect with her on Facebook!