Lighting Trends (Internation Builders Show 2017)

The International Builders Show and the KBIS Show are a great opportunities to see the latest and greatest new products for new homes. There are tons of great new products! In this article Wisconsin’s leading real estate agent, David Belman, focuses on the latest lighting trends to hit the industry. 

Bulbs: Edison bulbs were a big deal last year and they continued to be featured throughout the show in 2017. You are now starting to see more light fixtures being built around LED bulbs, such as using long tubes and small cups to house unique designs while also providing bright, energy efficient lighting. 

Trims: A big point of emphasis in 2017 will be accenting your recessed lighting with unique trims. As you can see in the photo above, there are many colors now available for your trim such as; oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and black. There are also square trims now to help tie into the contemporary or craftsman style homes, which are still popular. Even the light switches and outlets are getting into the game offering a sleek new grey color to match the popular cool tones that have worked their way into the homes. 

Smart Lighting: Smart home features will be covered more in a separate article but it is important to note that there are many options to integrate your phone with lighting controls.  These can be retroactively added to existing homes, however they function best when incorporated as a full system. 


Contemporary Fixtures: One look that really stood out to me this year at the show was the small centerpiece with multiple projections, topped off with either LED or Edison bulbs in a contemporary style. They are just so eye catching and will make great centerpieces in a new home. 

LED’s have changed the face of lighting, we are starting to see some great light fixture designs that take advantage of the unique design opportunities that LED’s can provide. If you are into contemporary styling’s, these fixtures are sure to be eye catching centerpieces in your home.  Shapes like these were not easily achievable before, but now with the power of LED, the sky’s the limit.

Real Flame Light Fixtures: Nothing creates more ambience than a flame, so these gas flamed exterior lights will surely warm your hearts and catch the eyes of your neighbors. 

Please make sure to follow us to see our next entry of upcoming design trends from the International Builders Show and the Kitchen & Bath Show of 2017.