We have placed our “How-To” blogs on this page so you`re able to reference to them often when you have a question about your home or building process; whether you are in the very early stages, just about to move in, or already living in your dream home!

Before Building/Moving:

How-To Decide on a Lot

How-To Prepare Before Purchasing a Lot

How-To Buy a Lot

How-To Decide Between New and Existing Homes

How-To Prepare Before Meeting a Builder

How-To Build a Smart Home

How-To Prepare Before Purchasing a Condo

How-To Make Sure You Build in Spring

How-To Prepare Your Home for the Market 


During Your Build/Move:

How-To Select Paint Colors

How-To Select a Countertop


Once You`re In:

How-To Avoid Frosted Windows

How-To Decorate for the Holidays

Reasons Why You Should Build with Belman Homes!


Do you have a topic you`d like to learn more about? Please, let us know by emailing and we will gladly cover it in our upcoming blogs!